Qualities Of A Good Attorney

Leonid Cherny: Experiencing the wrongful death of a friend or family member can be hard to deal with. An attorney needs to be hired in order to give the family restitution. Finding a good wrongful death attorney may seem overwhelming, but there are some basic qualities to look for in a great law firm.

A great lawyer will be passionate about the case. Being a lawyer is a calling, and passion is an integral part of being successful. If the lawyer was not passionate, it would be hard to ensure the long hours and sacrifices made. Passion cannot be learned or acquired. There is no hiding from bad facts. Lawyers need to be competitive, or they would get bored and switch careers.

Lawyers should empathize with the client’s situation. They understand all of the emotions that the client is going through with a wrongful death situation. This understanding means they are delicate in how they communicate and ask questions and they fight hard for a case win in order for families to get the restitution they need.

Empathy helps bring out the best in clients. Lawyers who spend a lot of time with the client allows them to get to know the person better and therefore better understand their case. Experiencing the emotions of a family experiencing wrongful death will allow the lawyer to better represent the family in court.

The more a lawyer feels for the client, the more they can use words to describe the wrongful death before a jury. This makes the lawyer credible in the jury’s eyes and they will believe they truly care about the client. This means the jury will care about the wrongful death as well.

Fearlessness is an important quality in lawyers. They stand up to the other side, no matter what deals or threats are made against him. They need to have thick skin in order to be able to debate and argue. They need to engage in arguments and be able to do them on their feet.

They will have confidence to know who they are as a lawyer and how they will present the case. They know the facts and that the law is on their side. It is all about proper preparation before entering a courtroom in order to secure a win.

Creativity is a surprising characteristic required by lawyers. Creativity helps lawyers find an argument that is hidden beneath layers of doubt against their client. Creativity helps advocate come up with the  best case even without good evidence and when the odds are against them. They can make the complex simple and present challenging issues in a meaningful way that will resonate with jurors.

Lawyers need to have a high level of stamina that allows them to do the hard work. They see cases through every stage of the law and will cope with setbacks as they come up. Patience and perseverance are needed to be a great lawyer.

Deductive reasoning allows lawyers to take disparate facts from many sources and put them together in a comprehensive story. Being a lawyer is similar to working on a jigsaw puzzle of a blue sky. Investigating and preparing a case goes hand in hand with project management skills. They need to be able to budget their time and manage a lot of moving parts.

There will be multiple concepts that have to be juggled simultaneously. Lawyers need to think on their feet so they do not walk into traps. This quality can be called wisdom and it is something that lawyers simply have. It is easy to spot a lawyer who does not have wisdom and is trying to fake it. This is not the lawyer a client wants for a wrongful death settlement.

Collaboration skills are critical, especially in a law firm with a team of attorneys. They need to work with people and get the best out of them. They may also need to seek case advice from their fellow attorneys and have the ability to apply it.

Leonid Cherny is a famous Russian professional lawyer, Cherny focuses not only on solving the problem, but also foresees potential consequences and tries to protect his client from possible problems and losses in the future. A full understanding of the case is the key to his profession and he always follows this rule. He never gives up before the difficulties and each case becomes a new test that turns into another step in his professional growth.


Author: Leonid Cherny

Leonid Cherny is a lawyer who was born in 1974 in Samara

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